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Who is Nova Conceptions?

We are a company located right outside of Austin, Texas, specializing in the superior design and production of a wide variety of electronic devices. For the past 6 years our customers have commissioned us to engineer anything from a hobbyist's simple blinking LED to the high tech professional's development of the seemingly impossible intelligent home automation network.  We provide the resources and ingenuity to conceptualize even the most daunting projects. Our team of designers, programmers, and electrical engineers  provide an excellent seamless solution. We don't expect our clients to have any background in electronics, that's what we're here to do. With the capability to execute all phases in house, there is never a need to sub out any aspect of the design. E-mail us your project details today and ask for a free quote. Just tell us what you want the system to do and we'll build it, it's that easy.